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29 June 2016 - Media Release - Health of Frail Older People Will Be Harmed By More Severe Aged Care Cuts Than Expected

15 June 2016 - Media Release - UnitingCare Australia Welcomes National Springboard Project Rollout

2 June 2016 - Media Release - UnitingCare Wesley Bowden: Springboard Project Delivers Jobs for Adelaide Women

24 May 2016 - Joint Media Release - Homeless Charities Call for Targets to Halve Homelessness by 2025


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2 June 2016 - Connecting 3

19 May 2016 - Connecting 2

5 May 2016 - Connecting 1

7 April 2016 - Issue 303


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Help halve homelessness by 2025



UnitingCare Australia

What Australia needs

Let’s build a society in which people experiencing housing stress and homelessness can access and retain appropriate housing. Shelter is recognised throughout the world as a basic human right. Housing satisfies our essential needs for shelter, security and privacy. The adequacy of housing is also an important component of individual and family well-being. Let’s increase the availability of alternative social and affordable housing and increase support for those with complex needs, so that they can better access and maintain secure and affordable housing.

Why it matters

There are currently 105,000 people in Australia who are homeless.

Homelessness is not just the result of too few dwellings. Its causes are many and varied. Domestic violence, a shortage of affordable housing, unemployment, mental health issues, family breakdown and drug and alcohol abuse all contribute to the level of homelessness in Australia.

Homelessness is not a choice. People who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness can be disconnected from employment and education institutions, be socially excluded from support networks, and are more likely to experience poorer physical and mental health.

UnitingCare Australia's position statement on housing is available here. 



Media Releases

24 May 2016 - Joint Release: Homeless Charities Call for Targets to Half Homelessness by 2025 

7 December 2010 - Housing market fails low income Australians 

19 October 2009 - Major Church Providers: Possible Stimulus Package must not target Social Housing 

13 February 2009 - Major Church Providers are ready to act on today's stimulus package 

13 February 2009 - Major Church Providers urge resolution of stimulus package 

6 February 2009 - Major Church Providers say stimulus housing initiative worthwhile 



14 August 2009 - UnitingCare Australia submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family, Community, Housing and Youth's Inquiry into Homelessness Legislation 


September 2007 - UnitingCare Australia submission to the FaHCSIA Social Housing Review 


Publications and resources

UnitingCare Australia opinion piece


26 August 2013 - Housing for a decent life
UnitingCare Australia position statement


A discussion paper by UnitingCare Australia.


October 2007 - A secure place to live 
A position paper by UnitingCare Australia. 


federal election 2016
Towards the Federal Election 2016
"A decent life for all"


As we head towards the Federal election, UnitingCare Australia has identified the seven key issues and developed resource materials outlining our vision, the specific concerns arising from the issue, and the commitments we are seeking from candidates.

Members of the UnitingCare network are encouraged to utilise these materials to underpin advocacy in local electorates

Access the resources here.

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Uniting Church in Australia 

UnitingCare Australia is an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia National Assembly.

The Uniting Church was formed in 1977 as a union of three churches: the Congregational Union of Australia, the Methodist Church of Australasia and the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

Visit the website.


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Find a Service

UnitingCare Australia is a national advocacy office and does not directly provide services.

Services are provided by members of the UnitingCare Network, and enquiries about employment or services should by made to state or individual agencies.

To find a UnitingCare service in your state, check under Find a Service.