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Wednesday, 09 August 2017 15:12

Connecting 3 August 2017

A fortnightly newseltter from National Director Claerwen Little.

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  • Somerville Community Services
  • Northern Synod
  • Final issue of Connecting

Random drug testing problematic

UnitingCare Australia Submission to the Review of the National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Process

Roadmap to healthy ageing vital for all our futures

Equally Well: Improving the physical health and wellbeing of people living with mental illness in Australia

Forntier Services makes it to final in Rural Hero Grant

Homeless Week - 'Action and Innovation'

Recent submisisons and media releases


Published in Connecting newsletter

The nation’s largest provider of aged care services has supported the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC) call for a national approach to combatting elder abuse in its Elder Abuse - A National Legal Response report, released yesterday.

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Monday, 29 May 2017 16:11

Connecting 25 May 2017

A fortnightly newsletter from National Director Claerwen Little.

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  • Following up the Federal Budget
  • National Office working on draft strategic plan for UnitingCare Australia
  • 40 Days of Prayer
  • Visit by Assembly General Secretary Colleen Geyer

Aged care update

  • Aged Care Network update
  • Submissions
  • Shadow Minister Helen Polley's dementia policy roundtable

Social Policy Network update

CYPF Network update

Women and Employment Demonstration Project

Frontier Services

Rob Floyd new Associate General Secretary

ReGen on proposed drug testing of welfare recipients

Uniting Church President Stuart McMillan condemsn inflamatory comments made by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton about asylum seekers

National Reconciliation Week

New App assists with home modificaitons for those with a disability and those who are ageing

Recent submissions and media releases


Published in Connecting newsletter

Apart from fixing some nomenclature issues, a revision of the Act is needed to ensure it correctly articulates the new and changed commitments made by the Australian Government in the Living Longer Living Better package of aged care reforms, and the different context for provision of aged care services as a result of these changes.

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This submission is written in response to the National Standards for Out of Home Care Consultation Paper. It answers the five consultation questions provided in the paper and additionally recommends the establishment of a National Children’s Commissioner to oversee the national OOHC standards.

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UnitingCare is pleased to contribute a response to thirteen recommendations related to aged care services that were developed by the Productivity Commission in its review of regulatory burden on business in June 2009.

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UnitingCare provides services and supports in all states and territories to people living with a disability and their carers and families through a wide range of programs and initiatives. Many of these are specifically targeted at people living with a disability, many others have a broader target and support clients who are living with a disability – such as accommodation and housing support, financial services, employment programs, family support programs and respite care. This provides UnitingCare with a very broad understanding of the needs of, and constraints faced by people living with a disability and their carers and families throughout their lifetimes. This understanding informs this submission which draws on the experience and expertise of staff in the UnitingCare network throughout Australia. It highlights key issues faced by people who are ageing with a disability, and provides examples of promising practices in this area from UnitingCare service providers, and the broader service community in Australia and overseas.

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Monday, 23 August 2010 10:13

The Care of Older Australians

Agencies in the UnitingCare network provide services and supports in all states and territories to older Australians, their carers and families through a wide range of programs and initiatives in community based and facility-based care. We welcome the opportunity to make a submission to the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into Caring for Older Australians. As a member of the Campaign for the Care of Older Australians, UnitingCare Australia has said this Inquiry must lead to action and a plan for renewal that can commence in the next term of government. It must prioritise the well being and independence of older people within the health and community care systems and adopt a universal entitlement approach to aged care services.

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UnitingCare Australia would like to commend the Productivity Commission for the consultative and forward looking work they have done so far. UnitingCare supports the broad architecture and directions for reform that are being suggested by the Productivity Commission and particularly appreciate that the work provides a platform for the sector and the government to work together to implement a staged reform process.

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This submission was developed by BlueCare, the Queensland based aged care service that is part of the UnitingCare network. BlueCare has significant expertise in quality improvement in aged care, on which this submission is based. Other services in the UnitingCare network have endorsed this submission and support the commentary and recommendations made.

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