Monday, 20 June 2016 14:46

Not for Profit Sector Reform

Our vision

A community services sector that is seamless for people in need and their families. This includes aged care, disability services, allied health, and housing services that are accessible and aff ordable to all Australians.

This means adequate and targeted funding, a professional and fl exible workforce, and quality services available where they are needed. This is achieved through comprehensive planning and cooperative delivery that is focused on quality, not just cost.

The issues we face

Most Australians will, at some stage, need to engage with the community services sector. If not as a client, then as the parent or child of a client. Care services will increasingly be focused on enabling people to stay in their homes; clients need to be consulted to ensure services meet their needs.

Achieving a sustainable future for the care industry will depend on development of an innovative and responsive industry. Raising the profile of the sector as a potential employer is both one of the greatest challenges and an opportunity.

Conditions and career pathways must reflect the importance of care to community wellbeing.