Monday, 10 October 2016 15:20

UnitingCare Australia Welcomes ALP Move for Independent Review of Aged Care Funding

UnitingCare Australia has welcomed the ALP’s move to seek an independent review of residential aged care funding in the Federal Parliament today.

“An independent review, including a full assessment of the cost of aged care services, is critical to ensuring the aged care sector can continue to deliver the level of care older people need and deserve,” Chair of the UnitingCare Aged Care Network, Steve Teulan, said.


“The Government has made it clear that it is still seeking to cut more than $2 billion from aged care services. However, these cuts are not underpinned by any real understanding of how the sector operates and how the needs of frail older people in care are met.


“Regardless of how they are delivered, cuts of the quantum proposed will seriously compromise the quality of care and reduce future access to care for vulnerable older Australians.


“The impact of the cuts will be felt by residents across all residential aged care services, with a dramatic impact on many rural and remote aged care services.


“We recognise the Government’s need to manage the growth of expenditure on aged care, but any sustainable funding model must consider the care needs of growing numbers of older people requiring residential aged care, and the growing proportion of those entering care with high needs.


“We call on the Turnbull Government to back the ALP plan to amend the legislative review arrangements of the Living Longer Living Better aged care reforms to specifically include a review of the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI), and to put the funding cuts on hold while the review is carried out.


“It is critical that the aged care sector has sustainable and certain funding and this review can provide a solid foundation for the sector to move forward with confidence,” Steve Teulan said.



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