Monday, 30 January 2012 00:00

Welcome work begins on fairer Superannuation Arrangements

UnitingCare Australia’s National Director Lin Hatfield Dodds said today social services staff can now look forward to adequate wages for the essential work they do.

But speaking shortly after Fair Work Australia handed down its equal remuneration decision, Ms Hatfield Dodds said there’s work to be done yet.

“The Federal Government has shown real leadership on this issue by agreeing to fund its share of the agreement,” Ms Hatfield Dodds said.

“We need a similar commitment from the States and Territories.

“Funding this important claim must not come at the expense of vital social services.

“The reality is that if there is no commitment from relevant parties to fund the agreement, agencies will have no choice but to cut services and rationalise staff.

“People who work in community services are highly valued by the people they care for, by families, communities and by their employers.

“We have been working with the Federal Government’s Working Group to ensure the pay rise can be delivered without cutting vital social services.

“We will continue to work with all stakeholders on this issue to ensure those increases are adequately and equitably funded so vulnerable and disadvantaged Australians get access to the services they need,” Ms Hatfield Dodds said.

The UnitingCare network provides social services to over 2 million people each year in 1,300 sites in remote, rural and metropolitan Australia. UnitingCare has 35,000 staff and 24,000 volunteers.

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