Monday, 07 January 2013 09:11

Response to consultation paper on proposed changes to the Aged Care Act 1997 and related legislation

Apart from fixing some nomenclature issues, a revision of the Act is needed to ensure it correctly articulates the new and changed commitments made by the Australian Government in the Living Longer Living Better package of aged care reforms, and the different context for provision of aged care services as a result of these changes.

A revised Act needs to underpin the move from government defining the scope and transaction of support funded and provided through aged care services. It needs to set the foundation for a paradigm shift, where Government ensures all older people and every community can get access to and choice of high quality services that support a decent life as they age; and the service system is sustainable, provides quality services that are accessible, flexible, responsive and adapt as needs and expectations change.

Another overarching issue that a revision of the Act needs to attend to is how best to articulate the Government role of providing a safety net, framing consumer entitlements, and extending expressions of choice within minimum standards whilst also freeing up supply of services so consumers can get best use out of a more open market being created as a result of the Living Longer Living Better package.

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