Thursday, 24 February 2011 09:52

Scoping Study for a Not-for-profit Regulator

The community services sector works within a regulatory environment which is often complex, fragmented and resource intense. It requires not-for-profit entities to navigate and comply with a plethora of regulations from all levels government with differing reporting requirements. UnitingCare Australia believes that a national regulator could make a positive improvement to the current regulatory environment if it were to be set up under the following principles:
• The regulator should be an independent agency;
• The regulator should have an educative/ sector support priority, especially during the early years of its operations;
• The financial and operational information required by the regulator should be accepted by other Government agencies (report once use often principle);
• The financial and operational information required by the regulator should be tiered and proportional; and
• The registration of a charity by a national regulator should be recognised across all other jurisdictions for the purpose of any applicable concessions.

The introduction of a national regulator should be viewed as an opportunity to improve the regulatory environment within which our sector operates.

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  • Submitted to: Federal Parliament
  • Regarding: Not-for-profit regulation
  • Date Submitted: Thursday, 24 February 2011
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