Thursday, 23 February 2017 09:08

Submission in Response to Productivity Issues Paper – Reforms to Human Services

UnitingCare Australia welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback to the Productivity Commission on the Issues Paper related to Reform to Human Services released in December 2017.

This builds on the previous two submissions provided by UnitingCare Australia in response to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry on introducing contestability and user choice to human services.

Reiterating our earlier submissions, we maintain the importance of understanding the difference between informed choice and empowered choice; the majority of community and family service and remote area clients are not empowered consumers - they are seeking to access these services because of market failure or lack of capability, they are not financially independent or highly mobile and they cannot shop outside the borders of their local market. Increased competition and user choice may not necessarily deliver benefits to these clients.

UnitingCare Australia also emphasises the fact that community and family and remote services are not homogenous. To ensure increased competition to benefit clients, providers and government there is much work to be done to understand the different service streams and delivery environments. We believe that this foundational work needs to take place, not least to agree what role Government will maintain in a human services market place, before increasing competition.

Additional Info

  • Submitted to: Productivity Commission
  • Regarding: Competition Policy
  • Date Submitted: Wednesday, 08 February 2017
  • Contact Name: Fay Mound
  • Contact Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Contact Phone: 02 6181 1005
  • Policy area(s): Competition Policy