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Submission to Welfare Review Reference Group (McClure Review) Interim Report

We believe that all people have inherent value, and have the ability to contribute to Australia.

Participation and engagement requires access to income, healthcare, education, essential services, and housing. We believe that, as a society, we all have a responsibility – individually, in business, via our government, and through our communities – to enable access to the resources people need to live their lives with dignity and respect.

We believe that there must be a social safety net, which provides an adequate level of income to people who aren’t earning enough through paid employment to enable a decent quality of life. This safety net is an important protection against poverty, and should be able to be relied upon by every person in need.

We call on the government to establish a benchmarking process for minimum social security payments that are adequate for all.


Table of Contents of the Pdf attached

Pillar One: Simpler and sustainable income support system
UnitingCare Australia
Note on terminology
Simpler architecture
The current income support system is inadequate
Defining adequacy
A simpler system
Fair rate structure
Disability or ill health
Family type and cost ofchildren
Job search and training
Singles and couples
Common approach to adjusting payments
Effective rent assistance
Rewards for work and targeting assistance to need
Pillar Two: Strengthening individual and family capability
Mutual obligation
Early intervention
Education and Training
Improving individual and familyfunctioning
Evaluating outcomes
Pillar Three: Engaging with employers
Employment focus – making jobs available
Social enterprises
Improving pathways to employment
Role of civil society
Social impact investment

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