UnitingCare Australia has considered the discussion paper in light of the aims for a consumer driven, sustainable aged care system that are expressed in the Aged Care Sector Committee’s Aged Care Roadmap. Our key aim in this area is to ensure that older Australians are able to access the care services of their choice that best meet their needs, goals and aspirations and enhance their quality of life.

UnitingCare Australia is pleased to provide this submission to inform development of the 2018-19 Federal Budget.
Evidence shows that inequality is widening in Australia and the benefits of growth are not being used to create additional opportunity for the most marginalised1. Redressing this situation should begin with a commitment to justice and full participation by all people in Australia, across all domains of life, recognising those who are most disadvantaged and marginalised, as well as the unique place of our First Peoples2.


UnitingCare Australia welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Cashless Debit Card) Bill 2017.

UnitingCare Australia takes this opportunity to comment on provisions of the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Welfare Reform) Bill 2017.

UnitingCare Australia agrees with the points made in the Report around stewardship arrangements including greater coordination, more transparency and smoother transitions. However, we believe there is a need to more clearly emphasise the real need for greater coordination between both Commonwealth and state governments before any changes are made to increase competition in human services.

Concerning changes to DGR tax arrangements, it is our view that reform should respect the diversity of our sector whilst simultaneously eliminating unnecessary administrative, reporting, acquittal and compliance processes and associated costs. We welcome many of the proposals outlined in the Discussion Paper aimed at streamlining the governance of DGRs and eliminating complexity of the DGR application process.

The signatories to this letter represent peak bodies, providers, families and educators in the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector. Many of the signatory organisations previously made submissions to Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee Inquiries into the Families Assistance Legislation Amendment (Jobs for Families Child Care Package) Bill 2016 and on the 2015 bill (see Attachments A and B).

UnitingCare Australia appreciates the opportunity to provide feedback on the Elder Abuse Discussion Paper prepared by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC).

This submission builds upon feedback that UnitingCare Australia previously supplied in response to the ALRC on the Elder Abuse Issues Paper. It reiterates many of the issues and themes raised in that submission, in addition to commenting on the proposals forwarded for consideration by the ALRC. This response draws on input from the broader UnitingCare service network, most particularly from UnitingCare Queensland, Resthaven and Kildonan UnitingCare, as well as from UnitingCare Australia’s Aged Care Network.

Social impact investing is an emerging market in Australia, but increased awareness of social impact investing has attracted interest across a number of sectors.

UnitingCare Australia welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback to the Productivity Commission on the Issues Paper related to Reform to Human Services released in December 2017.

This builds on the previous two submissions provided by UnitingCare Australia in response to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry on introducing contestability and user choice to human services.