Being Left Out Hurts our Kids

Poverty, social exclusion and disadvantage are complex and persistent. Child social exclusion means lost opportunity, disengagement and the risk of leading lives of unfulfilled potential.

Today, at the start of Anti-Poverty Week, UnitingCare Australia in partnership with The University of Canberra’s, National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, launches a Report which captures the multi-dimensional nature of disadvantage in Australia and its impact.

The report “Poverty, Social Exclusion and Disadvantage in Australia, analyses the 2016 Census and other data using the Child Social Exclusion Index, giving us a unique perspective through the eyes of the child.



You can find the report by clicking here. (28MB Download)

UnitingCare Australia has been working in partnership with the Australian Government and UnitingCare service providers across Australia to implement a national values-based employment model since 2015.

The model aims to select, train, mentor and support people into employment in community service roles with UnitingCare organisations. The program is specifically targeted at people who have been long-term unemployed, and seeks to provide them with an employment pathway in the growing community services sector.

The model is implemented with an emphasis on attracting job seekers with personal values and attributes that align with UnitingCare organisations to enable delivery of quality services. Jobseekers accepted into tranches of the program are equipped with the requisite training and skilling, through on-the-job and formal training (toward completion of full qualifications) to undertake employment in a community services environment.

Click here to read more about the Employment Program.

Click here to view the Employment Program model.


UnitingCare Australia has co-developed a resource with the Commonwealth Department of Jobs and Small Business on Making Values-Based Recruitment Work for Your Organisation. Click here to download the resource.  


UnitingCare Australia worked in partnership to deliver an Employment Project with UnitingCare West, creating pathways to meaningful work for jobseekers. Watch the video below:



UnitingCare Australia delivered another innovative employment project in partnership with Wesley Mission Queensland using a values-based recruitment approach to employ jobseekers into meaningful roles. Watch the video below: